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How To Turn A Website From Average to Fantastic With These Simple Tips

Sarita Robinson

If you're like most small business owners, you know that having a website is a must-have in today's digital age. In some cases, it can make or break your bottom line.

But what if your site is just average? Or worse, what if it's not doing anything to help your business succeed?

Don't worry - turning your digital home around doesn't have to be difficult!

One of the best things about owning a small business is that you can oftentimes do everything yourself. This includes creating and managing your own website. But if you find that your pages are just average, or aren't helping your business succeed, don't worry - turning this pivotal touchpoint around doesn't have to be difficult!

Check out these tips to help make your website fantastic. 

1. Use professional-looking fonts

Typography is an often overlooked but crucial part of designing websites.

As you might expect, fonts play a huge role in brand perception. It's important to spend some time getting them right rather than rushing through the process as quickly as possible. Only then should you move onto other aspects like colors or images (or anything else).

The right typeface can make or break your website, so it's important to choose one that is easy-to read and memorable.

There are many different qualities of fonts out there - some communicate professional values while others may be better suited for more creative uses like branding messages on social media platforms.

With tools like Typespiration and Mixfont – finding that perfect typeface has never been easier!

2. Make sure your website is well organized and easy to navigate

While the importance of website navigation is often underestimated, smooth and quick menus play a vital role in enhancing your user experience.

Organizing your site’s navigation system will help you to better direct visitors and provide them with a roadmap for their journey through the content on your website.

This not only encourages people to stay, but also lets potential customers know what they are looking at so that there is less guesswork involved in deciding which product or service might be right for someone!

Visitors have a lot of options, and they're not interested in spending time on sites with unclear navigation bars.

If the site's layout makes them feel lost or confused then you might lose users fast- especially when their goal was just to read some content.

The best way around this problem is by placing your menu bar horizontally along the top of pages (or vertically if you have enough space), or right next to any content listings that appear when users click through from an external link

3. Include a contact form or phone number so visitors can easily get in touch with you

It's important for customers to be able to contact you easily.

Whether they want to buy or ask questions, having a simple way of contacting your business will help them in their decision-making process and may land new clients on the books!

Think of your contact form as an opportunity to ask for more information upfront.

When people get in touch with you, they may not always provide all the details needed. This can be especially true if it's because their inquiry is specific or carries some sort of risk associated with its nature.

By asking upfront, you can eliminate guesswork about what your customer needs from you.

Including a contact form is the best way to protect your inbox from spam, show professionalism and make it easier for your customers.

Your email list will also increase thanks in part to this simple yet effective method!

4. Keep the design simple, without too many different colors or patterns

Websites with a simple design are often more powerful than complicated ones.

You can see this in the websites of some super successful companies like Amazon or Google; their pages have very clean lines and a simple color palette.

Minimalistic websites are not only easier on your eyes but they also make for an amazing user experience.

The simple, clean design is very accessible and easy to scan which means that people will have little trouble using the site or understanding what it does.

Having a clean and simple website design will not only make your site load faster, but it’s also more appealing to visitors.

In addition, if people think the look of your company's webpage is complex or cluttered they may hesitate buying from you because their mind goes into auto pilot mode.

5. Make sure your website is responsive

These days, it seems like everyone is on their phone.

In our rapidly changing digital world, mobile internet traffic has surpassed desktop computer usage by about 3% per year - with most people using these types of gadgets while traveling or at home on their own time (not just for work).

Whether you’re checking social media or calendar apps - the number of times that people use mobile technology for accessing information has never been higher than now.

So what does this mean? It means your website needs to be optimized so users can easily navigate through its pages - otherwise known as "optimization."

Mobile friendly, or responsive, websites are no longer just convenient but necessary because we live in an era where people are used to using these devices nearly everywhere at all times throughout the day.

To improve your site's user experience, you should make it responsive. This means that the website will automatically adjust its layout depending on what screen size is being used - including mobile devices!

We hope these tips help you make your website more fantastic and boost your revenue. If you want even more actionable advice to promote your business, we’re here for you! Connect with us on social media or fill out the contact form below today.

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